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Buckwheat, Coconut & Hemp Pancakes

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Because this is my favourite weekend breakfast, I just had to re-post this!  I’ve tried to play around with the “percentages” of the ingredients but it never comes out quite as well as this! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! 🙂


Original story from May:

It is the end of May, it is cold, grey and rainy.  I arrived home and was in   need of sustenance. But my first priority was to change into something more comfortable – out of the heels, blouse & skirt and straight into my PJ’s – Oh yes I’m not ashamed and finally – what to eat? Well it could only be one thing to top off this indulgence (at 4pm in the afternoon) and that was to make pancakes – Buckwheat, Coconut & Hemp Pancakes with Blueberries, Pecan nuts and maple syrup!  Sometimes there are days when only comfort food will do and today my friends, is one of those.  I am always experimenting with my pancake recipes and the reason I like this one particularly is that the pancakes are thick (good for syrup absorbing), rich in protein, Calcium, Omega 3 and fibre not to mention the Manganese in Maple Syrup, the vitamin C in the Blueberries, and all the wonderful antioxidants in the Pecans… So although they taste like an indulgent treat they will also benefit my immune system, my hormonal balance and my energy – did I mention it’s cold, rainy and grey – I guess what I am saying is food like this, is a pick me up on all levels!


4tbsp Buckwheat Flour

2tbsp Coconut Flour

1tbsp Hemp Powder

1tsp vitamin C powder

½ tsp Bicarbonate of Soda

Pinch of Salt (Himalayan Sea Salt most health benefits)

1 large Egg, beaten (for greater health benefits, Organic free-range if possible)

Full Fat Goat Milk (approx 1/4 Pint see instructions) or if you can’t tolerate any dairy, use Coconut Milk.

1 tsp Cinnamon

A squeeze of lemon

1 tsp Coconut oil to cook (for each pancake)

For topping: Maple Syrup to drizzle (go easy if you are insulin resistant, although a natural sweetener it has a high GI)

Blueberries or Bananas and Pecan nuts

Makes about 4 pancakes (approx. 6 inch diameter) – perfect for two people – obviously double the quantities for more peeps. They are surprisingly filling!


1) Mix together the Buckwheat flour, Coconut flour, hemp powder, Vit C, Cinnamon, Salt & Bicarbonate of Soda in a bowl.

2) Add the beaten egg and stir in – don’t worry about it being a bit lumpy at this stage.

3) Add the milk until it makes the mixture smooth enough to pour into the pan but at the same time coat the spoon.

4) Add a Squeeze of lemon to help activate the Bicarbonate of Soda, I use a balloon whisk at this stage to add a little air then I let it stand for a minute or so to expand slightly.

5) Over a medium heat, melt the Coconut oil in a small frying pan or skillet and let it get hot before you ladle the first batch of mixture in. Tilt the pan to help the pancake take it’s shape.

6) You will start to see small bubbles appear around the outside of edges of the pancake, because the mixture is quite dense it will take a couple of minutes to get a good colour on the underside. (If you like you can add some blueberries or banana slices on top of the pancake and let them sink into the mixture for a minute or so before flipping).

7) You will need to check the underside by gently lifting with a spatula – you want it to be a good golden colour. Once the underside is golden gently turn it over. It won’t take as long to go golden on the second side – also if you have added fruit be careful not to burn them (you can always turn the heat down a little here).

8) Serve with Blueberries, Pecan nuts and a seductive drizzle of Maple Syrup! Yum!

A few extra notes on the ingredients – yes there is a lot of ingredients here but always good to have in stock and the more expensive ingredients I have used less of.  I believe it is worth investing in your health.  If your interested here is a little more detail on the health benefits of these ingredients:

Buckwheat: is actually a fruit seed that is related to Rhubarb – and although contains the word Wheat in the name it does not contain any wheat or gluten. It is great for the cardiovascular system helping to lower cholesterol and not only does it have Low GI rating it is also rich in Flavonoids that help extend the action of vitamin C acting as an antioxidant. It is also a good source of Magnesium, which is excellent for improving sleep quality and balancing hormones.

Hemp protein powder: increases energy levels and contains essential fatty acids in the correct 3:1 ratio (omega 3 & 6) the human body needs. It reduces food cravings as it is high in fiber that not only clears the system but gives you a feeling of fullness. The protein helps maintain muscles health, lowers blood pressure and Cholesterol and generally improves immune function.

Eggs: high in protein containing 9 essential amino acids, vitamin D, Sulphur and Cholene so good for healthy hair, nails, eyes, fertility and also helps brain and nervous system function. Organic and Free range is best if you can get them, simply because they won’t be contaminated with anti-biotics or growth hormones.

Coconut Oil: Ok there are so many health benefits to mention here (I will have to do a separate post) but a quick snapshot: Great for your immune system as it is anti viral, good for your skin and digestion – honestly can’t say enough about this amazing stuff – use daily! 🙂

Coconut Flour: is high in fibre and protein and is low GI. It is rich in Lauric Acid (closest thing to breast milk) which makes it anti-viral, strengthening your immune system and boosting your metabolism.

Cinnamon: regulates blood sugar levels, is anti inflammatory so helps with joint pain related to arthritis, helps alleviate menstrual pain and balance hormones.

Goat Milk:  natural anti-inflammatory, high in essential fatty acids, calcium rich, anti-mucosal due to smaller fat globules, high in Riboflavin, Phosphorous, and Vitamin B12, & it also contains selenium which helps build the immune system, less toxic than cow milk – Cows are generally pumped full of bovine growth hormones in addition to Somatotophin which increases milk production in an unnatural way; Goat’s are rarely treated in this way because they are on the fringes of agriculture.

Blueberries: are considered to be a low GI fruit (slow releasing energy) full of Vitamin C and antioxidants.

Bananas: are full of potassium but release the sugar/energy content faster than berries – so go easy if you are insulin resistant or weight managing.

Pecan Nuts: full of Vitamin E so great for your skin and B Vitamins and essential fatty acids.


Salt, you can use sea salt or whatever type you like really but… – Ok a little more pricey but here is why Himalayan Salt is so good for you: it contains all of the 84 elements found in your body which in turn helps many of your bodily functions including:

1) Regulating the water content throughout your body.

2) Promoting a healthy pH balance in your cells, particularly your brain cells.

3) Promoting blood sugar health and helping to reduce the signs of aging.

4) Assisting in the generation of hydroelectric energy in cells in your body.

5) Absorption of food particles through your intestinal tract.

6) Supporting respiratory health.

7) Promoting sinus health.

8) Prevention of muscle cramps.

9) Promoting bone strength.

10) Regulating your sleep — it naturally promotes sleep.

11) Supporting your libido. 🙂

12) Promoting vascular health.

13) In conjunction with water it is actually essential for the regulation of your blood pressure.