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Well it has been a great start to the day so far – a lovely hot yoga class this morning, followed by a beautiful breakfast feast made by my gorgeous husband! He actually made the pancake recipe from the blog – most impressed! He served it with Berries, Prosciutto, and Maple syrup – should have taken a pic – but it wasn’t on the plate very long – so delicious and had worked up a good appetite from the yoga! Instead though here is a picture of the stunning flowers he got me!

photo (33)

One of the things I have had to do over the years is adapt recipes to make them Gluten and Cow milk free and sometimes it is a process of trial and error.  The thing about Gluten (a type of protein found in Wheat, barley, & Rye) is that it adds an elasticity to the grain/flour making it really easy to make cakes, breads and pastas; without the Gluten you have to work with the alternative ingredients in a slightly different way when adapting a recipe to get the desired consistency and flavour.  But don’t let that freak you out – as I have discovered the experimenting is always fun and you learn through your mistakes and sometimes you have what I call “happy accidents” in the kitchen – you imagined the recipe in one way but it turns into something slightly different along the way.

I get inspiration for my recipes all over the place – it might be something I see on TV or read in a magazine or newspaper or it might be a craving for a particular flavour.  For a couple of weeks now I have been dreaming up a recipe I want to have a go at for my birthday.  Unfortunately I don’t have time to make it today but I hope to be able to have a go at it over the next couple of days and of course I will share with you the results of my experiment.  The main objective, as is the case with all my recipes will be to make the ultimate, indulgent, taste sensation, coupled with amazing nutrient dense ingredients and if I can make it look pretty too then that’s a real bonus! Watch this space…

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  1. Richard Hughes

    That cake looks incredible! Thanks for the recipe.


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