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Bashed “Breaded” Bird!


I’m not going to lie I’m a big fan of chicken and I certainly don’t think a chicken dish need ever be boring, but sometimes I just want that little extra crispy, yum factor.  This certainly does not mean I’m about to hot foot it down to my local KFC! But southern fried chicken does taste good – there is a reason it is so popular. So here is my spin on it – of course it’s Gluten Free and of course it’s healthier – and does it taste good – hell yeah! 🙂

You can skip this first step – but I actually think, all good things come to those who wait – worth planning this step into the equation! So the night before I plan to eat this dish, I do a little prep.


I use (4) Organic, free range chicken breasts (if poss), that way I know I will not be ingesting any unnecessary growth hormones, and antibiotics etc plus the chicken hopefully had happy life! I bash the breast quite thin, with a tenderising mallet, this helps with the cooking later on, and is also quite therapeutic! Next, I place the chicken in a tupperware box ready for the next stage.


I then mix together about 4 tablespoons of organic natural sheep yoghurt, a good pinch of Himalayan salt with about 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of water.  I then pour this mixture over the chicken breasts and place the box in the fridge over night.  Traditionally this stage is done with buttermilk, which is of course is derived from cow’s milk, so I just switched it up with a healthier alternative.  The calcium from the yoghurt works its way into the chicken to make it ultra tender.


The next day I pull the chicken box out of the fridge and let it get to room temp and in the meantime I prep a little salad.  You can serve this dish with sweet potato wedges too – just wedge ’em up, drizzle with a little melted coconut oil, salt and pepper and bung in the oven for about 40 minutes on 180’C and to serve sprinkle with some hot smoked paprika. If you go with the wedges, time wise – take the chicken out the fridge about twenty minutes into the “wedge” cook!  But for a lighter option I like to do a nice mixed salad – a selection of leaves, grated carrot and a few mixed sprouted beans and lentils. Nice, colourful, crisp…


You can buy raw sprouted lentils and beans from deli’s and health food stores but it is also very easy to grow your own too.  You just need to buy the seeds, a germinating tray and have access to water.  They add a little extra crunch and interest to any salad and the stored energy from the nutrients become much more readily available and easy for us to digest. You’ll get a hit of Zinc, Copper and Vitamin C and lots of micronutrients too. Now the weather is starting to change, it’s totally worth upping your vit hit!

Bio snacky

Back to the bird…

It is here I will give you some options.  There are a couple of ways to proceed.  If you want the ultimate protein feast you can use ground almonds as your coating, this will taste delicious but won’t go quite as crispy as the Buckwheat flour option.  Totally up to you, the Buckwheat will add some low GI carbs and a toasty, nutty quality and the ground Almonds will add more protein and well, nuttiness! Why not try a bit of both and see which you prefer!  Also I should say, if you don’t want to do these escalope size you can also cut the chicken into nugget sized chunks! Now for the egg wash (1 beaten egg).


Now for the coating…


…your choice of either buckwheat flour or ground almonds, I like to add a touch of salt and pepper here too.  You’ll want about 300g of your chosen coating.  In the meantime worth doing a little dressing for the chicken.  I melt a little goat butter in a pan with fresh thyme leaves and a couple of cloves of crushed garlic, salt and pepper – cook for just a couple of minutes on a low heat, then take the pan off the heat – and finally add some chopped fresh parsley into the melted butter mixture.  This will be drizzled over the chicken when it’s done.


In this pic I haven’t added all the herbs yet…

And then into a hot, sizzling, pan with the chicken. You can fry the chicken in some Coconut oil or you could try Walnut oil or Goat butter if you wanted to change it up.  You will want about 1.5 tablespoons of oil.  As the chicken has been bashed thin it shouldn’t take too long about 3-4minutes each side.


I prep a plate with some kitchen roll on so when the chicken is ready it can rest and the excess oil can be absorbed.  Then it is ready to serve onto the plate with the salad/wedges and finally finished with the scrumptious, garlicky, herby butter… Oh yeah….


This crispy coating also works really well with fish – so if you just have to have your fix of fish ‘n chips you can.  Who said you couldn’t make scrumptious, tasty stuff, that is Gluten Free!? 😉