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Use Your Loaf! Part one…


“What!? You can’t eat bread or Pasta!? What do you eat!? That must mean you can’t eat cakes and stuff too? Blimey!”

These comments are usually followed by a deep pitying look, as though my life must almost, not be worth living!

I have heard this so often over the years and when I was younger it used to bother me, perhaps because I didn’t know what I know now.  Now when I hear these comments, I tend to have a wry smile on my face because I actually think my food tastes better and is a hell of a lot healthier!


Saffron infused Buckwheat groats with poached smoked haddock…


Chargrilled Squid with a selection of chargrilled vegetables…


Sexy Little Nectarine Tart


Mixed salad with smoked Mackerel and Bella’s Powerkraut.

When you stop eating gluten your brain hones in all the “glutinous” stuff you will “miss out on.”  In search of gluten-free alternatives you go to the “free-from” section in the supermarket.

IMG_1724 You find the selection of GF breads, cakes and crackers is impressive and pretty darn pricey, but you think:

“I need these “essentials,” so I can still enjoy my life!”

As you start sampling these products you think:

“Wow, these taste pretty good.”

You start to feel better because you are not having all the horrendous symptoms that go with intolerance to gluten.  It actually gives you a false sense of security, that your health is on track and in pretty good shape…

For years I used to buy this stuff, alongside continuing my gluten-free experiments in the kitchen, without really factoring in the “SUGAR CONTENT!”

When you look at a nutritional label you want to see the carbohydrate Vs “of which sugars.” The GF stuff scores very high in the sugar stakes:

IMG_1727 IMG_1726

IMG_1729 IMG_1730 It is almost as if the manufacturers have in solving, the “issue,” of “lack of gluten” have made up for it, with additional sugar and “fillers,” that make it cheaper for them to make. In addition because us GF folk “need” alternatives to the other convenience foods on offer, they figure they can charge a fortune for it!

The gluten-free food market is the biggest growing and most profitable food market worldwide.  Partly due to more and more people being diagnosed with intolerance and food related illnesses, but also because of the amount they charge for this “specialist” food!

As a nation it has almost become “in-grained” in us (‘scuse the pun) that we must have bread, cereal or pasta at most meals.  We really don’t need that much carbohydrate to survive – how many of us, are Olympic athletes or go out hunting for our food these days? Why are we so dependent on these “essentials?” I could talk for hours on this subject, but for now maybe worth having a think about it?

I know from personal experience that eating these convenience GF foods is a ticking time bomb… My health started coming off the rails a few years ago, my hormones went out of whack and I was told I had something called insulin resistance; which in layman’s terms means, when I eat food with a lot of sugar in it, my insulin levels go bonkers! It was a big wake up call.  I decided to take control and really look at the food I was eating and I urge you to do the same, whether you are gluten intolerant or not. Ultimately the more natural and less processed the food you put into your body is, the more health rewards your body will give you. 🙂

While I choose not to have bread every day, I do occasionally make a loaf.  My GF bread recipe won’t break the health bank. It is versatile, soft enough to make sandwiches and it also makes delicious toast too… Click the link below for the recipe. Enjoy! 🙂




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  1. Hello Annabel, I’m from Brazil and I very much appreciate your comments on these foods, where I live is very difficult to find all food that I’m going to need that does not have gluten.


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