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Brunch Baby! Saffron infused Buckwheat Groats with Poached Smoked Haddock


Breakfast/brunch in my opinion is the best meal of the day – get it right and it sets you up for the rest of day.

I’ll be honest this was one of my spur of the moment creations, which actually turned out so well, it was too good not to share.  As it was an experiment, I didn’t do my usual stage by stage pictures and my measurements will not be exact, but hopefully I will be able to describe it in enough detail that you will get the gist!

This recipe came about as a result of me shopping at my local supermarket at a particular time… I can’t tell you when, as it’s a secret… but suffice to say if you get to know when your local supermarket, puts out their reduced items on the fish, cheese and meat counters, you can get some awesome deals and get inspired to create some inventive dishes – so much fun and I love a good bargain!

I got some un-dyed, line caught, smoked haddock (at a great price) and enough to feed two of us.

Over a low heat,  I put the fish skin side down in a poaching pan with a knob of goat butter and covered the fish in full fat goat milk.

I seasoned with a little salt & pepper, a dried bay leaf and a good pinch of Saffron.  I gently brought it up to a simmer (took about couple of minutes).

At this point the fish had started to get that opaque white look about it, so I scooped it out and put it onto a plate to one side.

Meanwhile I thoroughly rinsed my Buckwheat groats (approx 2tbs per person) and I put them into the milk mixture in the pan, along with a good splash of water (a little less than 1/4 pint).

I then knocked the heat up a notch and let it come to the boil and then back to a simmer for about 15-20 minutes. By this point the buckwheat groats had swelled and absorbed most of the liquid.

I then placed the fish back in the pan for 2 minutes to warm through again.

Finally to serve I peeled the skin off the fish and flaked it.  I then plated up with torn, fresh, flat leaf parsley and a touch more seasoning.

This was a really lovely, lazy brunch dish, perfect to share over a cuppa and the papers.

A note on Buckwheat groats: (you can buy online or in health food stores) – well I’m a big fan of buckwheat as you may know if you’ve read my pancake recipe. For those that don’t know Buckwheat is naturally gluten-free and related to the Rhubarb plant. It helps lower blood sugar levels and is full of antioxidants and general health promoting properties.  I love working with the flour in cakes etc, but the groats just add another dimension in the texture department.  They retain their shape well and add a bit of nutty bite to a dish.  You can soak them over night which makes them softer and they cook a lot more quickly like this, which can be good if you are short of time in the morning. I actually quite like them with a bit of bite, a bit more al dente in texture, but up to you. In the recipe above they still had the “bit of bite” factor.

Fish is a great source of protein and the buckwheat groats add a slow release carb to the dish, while the goat milk adds a lovely (alkaline, easy to digest) creaminess.  So good, I will definitely be doing this again! 🙂

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