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Himalayan Salt

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It was while I was in South Africa filming Sniper Reloaded that I first encountered a bag of funny pink salt on a shelf, in the kitchen I was sharing with Chad Michael Collins and Billy Zane.  We were all staying at this lovely family run hotel called Kosmos Manor overlooking Hartbeespoort Dam.  It was actually a great bonus that while we were away from home, we could all cook our own food – or if we wanted we could also request the friendly staff to cook something up for us too.  We would all come back on our days off with a selection of goodies to last us a few days, with our own shelves to keep things on.  I wasn’t as healthy then, as I am now and of course, these two gorgeous men had come from LA where health, diet and fitness is in-grained in most people, particularly those who are in showbiz.  I noticed Chad liked to eat a lot of grass-fed meat, while Billy had brought his own special pink salt all the way from LA.  So I was already curious and wanted to know more.  After shooting the movie, I moved to LA and it was there that this curiosity took me on a wonderful journey of discovery, learning about all sorts of unusual and healthful ingredients.

You may think salt is just salt right? Well, no actually it isn’t.  There are different types of salt and it is the processing of the salt that really makes the difference between an ordinary table condiment or a super boost in the nutritional stakes.


Sea salt is popular as it sounds like it must be naturally formed right? Well yes it comes from sea water, which is evaporated at high temperatures; it is an improvement on the higher processing methods that some table salt goes through, including bleaching and added additives. However at the end of all this high heat treatment, sea salt is left with only around 8 minerals.

The reason Himalayan salt is apparently the superior seasoner of choice is because it has 84 minerals and trace elements and it is not processed or heat-treated.  It is mined at the Khewra Salt mines and the mineral content is naturally composed in a highly absorbent form that the body can easily use.  It is a little more pricey than other salts on the market, because it is mined, but the superior health benefits are surely worth it.  Buy from a reputable company as you want to make sure you are getting the real deal – ask at your local health food shop or research online.

Of course it goes without saying that over use of any salt is not recommended.


Apparently Himalayan Salt…

1) …promotes vascular health – so supports healthy heart function.

2) …promotes PH balance in the cells of your body, particularly you brain cells.

3) …promotes blood sugar health, balancing out those insulin levels.

4) …helps reduce the signs of ageing – always a plus!

5) …promotes superior absorption of food particles through your intestinal tract.

6) …supports respiratory health.

7) …helps prevent muscles cramps – so helpful when exercising.

8) …supports your libido – can’t be bad! 😉

9) …assists in the generation of hydroelectric energy in all the cells of your body – helpful for increased stamina.

10) …promotes bone health and strength.

11) …promotes regulation of a healthy sleep cycle.

12)… tastes great and it’s pink! 🙂


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