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Long overdue update…

Introducing Narrowboat Theadora….

2015-06-21 21.49.10

So much has happened! I promise to try and condense it down, so here is a snapshot:

My husband and I decided to hop on the unconventional property ladder, and in January 2015 we commissioned the fabrication of a 70ft narrowboat by the wonderful boat builders Andy Thompson and Jez Harris of Andicraft Fabrications up in Market Harborough. By March 2015 we had a 70ft spray foamed insulated “tunnel” for want of a better word. Then the fun and challenges really began – we started fitting out the inside…. Now when you think about any DIY task in a house it is usually reasonably straight forward, for a start the walls are straight! On a boat everything is at some odd angle! Add to the mix neither my husband or I had ever done anything like this before and you begin to understand why it has taken us so long. We are both self-employed and had to juggle our various commitments in London and building the inside of our boat, while effectively camping out on it (on a hard stand). Side note: Market Harborough is a beautiful part of the world, I highly recommend visiting the area if you get a chance!

I filmed the very tongue in cheek “Lake Placid vs Anaconda” during this time, carried on my teaching commitments, directed my first Shakespeare play, Macbeth, filmed a pilot for the BBC (a great cook-a-long concept that you can see here: ) and oh, biggest life changing event of all, I had a beautiful baby boy, 6th July 2016!

2016-09-08 07.48.47

We finally got the boat in the water in October 2016 and we set sail down towards our new home near London – at the beginning of November; 87 Miles and 78 Locks with a breast feeding four month old baby!

Only in the last couple of months have I had a proper functioning kitchen (a one pot camping stove was a little challenging) and in the last week we got the internet fully working (just in time for me to discover my MacBook pro’s batteries expanded & “nuked” my computer! – time to start saving!). Hence the big break from my blog/social media! My son is now 8 months old and we have just started to get his routine sorted. He loved the sail down towards London and got so used to sleeping in his buggy on the stern deck, over the gentle grumble of the engine, that it has been a challenge getting him used to naps in just the plain old cot during the day!

My apologies to all of you for the break but I promise to start recipe experimenting & blogging soon.  In the last three months the most exciting thing I have been making is baby food! However just to really kickstart me back into it all again I will be appearing at the Ideal Home Show on the 30th March. They have a new Eat and Drink festival and I will be doing three live demonstrations throughout the day – 11am, 13.15pm & 15.30pm. So please do come along, I promise the recipes I have come up with, are a bit more exciting than baby food!

To get an idea of all the aforementioned boat odyssey, here are a few pics:

In the beginning there was just a base plate for the hull…

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